A career Development Seminar at Chirirbandar was held in 2018, which was called “প্রেরনারগল্প” or “Stories of Inspiration”. In the rural upazila of Chirirbandar the seminar was organized to motivate and inspire school students to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. One of the keynote speakers at the seminar was Al Rubyat Shuvho, a software engineer and a WordPress lover.

Al Rubyat Shuvho is a young and talented software engineer who has made a name for himself in the industry. He has worked on several high-profile projects and has been recognized for his skills and expertise. Despite his success, Shuvho has remained humble and down-to-earth, and has always been eager to share his knowledge and experience with others.

At the career development seminar, Shuvho spoke passionately about his journey as a software engineer and the challenges he faced along the way. He shared his experiences and insights with the students, urging them to believe in themselves and to never give up on their dreams.

Career Development Seminar at Chirirbandar – Stories of Inspiration

Career Development Seminar at Chirirbandar

Shuvho’s speech was particularly inspiring for the students, many of whom had never met a successful software engineer before. His message of perseverance and determination resonated with the students, who were inspired to pursue their passions and work hard to achieve their goals.

Apart from his motivational speech, Shuvho also conducted a workshop on WordPress, a popular content management system used by millions of websites around the world. He showed the students how to create a website using WordPress and explained the basics of web development.

The students were enthusiastic about the workshop, and many of them showed a keen interest in learning more about web development and software engineering. Shuvho’s workshop was a great opportunity for the students to learn about a new field and to explore their interests.

Overall, the career development seminar was a huge success, thanks in no small part to Al Rubyat Shuvho’s inspiring speech and engaging workshop. Shuvho’s passion for software engineering and his commitment to helping others achieve their goals have made him a role model for many young students in the region.

In conclusion, the career development seminar “প্রেরনারগল্প” was a great initiative to motivate and inspire young students in Chirirbandar upazila. Al Rubyat Shuvho’s speech and workshop were instrumental in achieving this goal, and his message of perseverance and determination will continue to inspire students for years to come.

The seminar provided a unique opportunity for young students to interact with industry experts and gain valuable insights into their chosen fields of study. Through a series of engaging workshops and interactive sessions, participants were able to develop practical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the various career paths available to them.

Moreover, the event also provided an excellent platform for networking and connecting with other like-minded individuals. Students were able to build relationships with professionals from a variety of industries, which could prove invaluable in their future careers. The seminar also provided a valuable opportunity for students to learn about the latest trends and developments in their chosen fields of study, which could help them stay ahead of the curve as they progress in their careers.

Overall, the Career Development Seminar at Chirirbandar was a resounding success. It served as a powerful reminder of the importance of investing in the future of our youth, and provided valuable support to students as they embark on their career journeys. We hope to see more initiatives like this in the future, as we work together to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and innovators.


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