Many Dokan plugin users want to use the free theme which is provided and made by weDevs. Because they trust weDevs themes more than other themes. But when they search for Dokan theme, they get two themes, one is Dokani theme and another one is Dokan theme. Then they get confused about which one is best for Dokan multivendor marketplace and which one they should use for their marketplace?

Dokani and Dokan are both responsive, light weight and Dokan compatible themes, Also they are both made by weDevs. You do not have to pay a penny to use these themes.

Dokani theme is older than Dokan theme. Dokani theme has some bugs and conflicts so weDevs CTO Mr. Tareq Hasan has created another free theme called Dokan theme with a different design. The Dokan theme works well with the Dokan multivendor marketplace. On the other hand, if you use the Dokani theme, you may encounter some technical issues. But Using the dokan theme without having to face such problems.

For more details about Dokani and Dokan theme you can Click here Click here

Now I am going to share a comparison table between Dokani and Dokani themes:

Dokani Vs Dokan theme Comparison Chart

which one you should use for your marketplace?

Since the Dokani theme has stopped publishing any updates for a long time I think the Dokan theme should be chosen because if you encounter any problem, you can contact wedevs support if you want.

To download Dokan theme please follow the instructions below:

Click this URL and it will redirect you to Dokan theme Github account page:

Dokan theme github download screenshot
Dokan theme github download screenshot

If you see this page, click on the Code button and click the Download Zip button, It will automatically start downloading.


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