In this Article, I am going to show you how to fix WordPress theme and plugin conflict on your own. This is the same process that developer support will go through to help you. But you can Reproduce WordPress theme and plugin conflict and fix it yourself much faster.

A conflict is a mistake or  malfunction caused by two parts of code giving conflicting signals. for instance , plugin A gives the signal to place the order in “Completed” status and Other plugins prevents this from happening.

Themes and plugins provide additional functionality and features — it also means more code is running on your website and therefore the risk of incompatibility is higher.

we attempt to make sure compatibility with our own extensions, but third-party products made for WooCommerce aren’t bound to work with our software. during this documentation page, we’ll explain the way to test for plugin and theme conflicts.

WordPress theme and plugin conflict – Developer’s Way

WordPress theme and plugin conflict

For checking plugin/theme conflicts I recommend using this plugin  if you want to check by using plugins.

Basically you will be able to check conflict without affecting the actual site. 

There are lots of ways to fix WordPress theme and plugin conflict. We have some plugins for checking which plugins conflict actually. But this is not the good way, sometimes conflict checker third party plugins can’t give you the appropriate result.


I always prefer to check manually. When something occurred in your word press site, Please create staging site on your server than  just go to your plugins tab and select all plugins and deactivate all off them, please make sure is there any page builder or dependent plugins or not.

Do not deactivate page builder plugins, after that active again all plugins one by one. By using this procedure you will get the culprit for sure most of the time. 


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