WordPress, the powerhouse behind millions of websites on the internet, is gearing up for yet another major release – WordPress 6.5. Scheduled for launch on March 26, 2024, this update brings a plethora of new features, improvements, and enhancements aimed at making the WordPress experience even more seamless and powerful for developers and users alike.

Let’s dive into the highlights of WordPress 6.5:

1. Introducing the Interactivity API

The Interactivity API introduces a standardized approach for developers to add interactions to the frontend of their blocks. This empowers developers to create more engaging and dynamic user experiences within WordPress websites.

Read more about the Interactivity API

2. Font Library Management in the Editor

With the Font Library feature, managing fonts directly within the Editor becomes a breeze. Developers now have access to a set of APIs to control, adapt, and disable font behavior, providing more flexibility and customization options.

Learn about the Font Library feature

3. Enhancing Block Functionality with Block Bindings API

The Block Bindings API allows developers to populate Block content with external data such as post metadata or custom PHP logic. This opens up new possibilities for creating dynamic and data-driven blocks within WordPress.

Explore the Block Bindings API

4. Plugin Dependencies Merged into Core

The Plugin Dependencies feature plugin has been merged into the WordPress Core, streamlining the management of plugin dependencies and ensuring smoother plugin interactions.

Learn about Plugin Dependencies in WordPress 6.5

5. Script Modules API for JavaScript Module Support

The Script Modules API introduces native JavaScript Module support to WordPress 6.5, providing developers with powerful tools for building interactive and modular frontend experiences.

Discover the Script Modules API

6. Improved Internationalization (I18N)

With the integration of the Performant Translations feature plugin into Core, WordPress 6.5 delivers enhanced internationalization capabilities, making it easier for users to translate and localize their websites efficiently.

Explore I18N Improvements

7. AVIF Support

WordPress 6.5 embraces the future of image formats with built-in support for AVIF, offering improved image quality and faster loading times for websites.

Learn about AVIF support in WordPress 6.5

8. Updates to the HTML API

WordPress 6.5 brings updates to the HTML API, enhancing the capabilities and performance of HTML-related functions within the platform.

Discover HTML API updates

In addition to these exciting features, WordPress 6.5 also includes several updates and breaking changes, such as raising the minimum version of MySQL, updates to PHP_CodeSniffer and PHPMailer, and changes to @wordpress/scripts support for Node.js versions.

For plugin developers, ensuring compatibility with WordPress 6.5 is crucial. By testing and updating plugins to reflect compatibility with the latest version, developers can ensure a smooth transition for users and maintain the trust and reliability of their plugins.

With WordPress 6.5 on the horizon, the WordPress community eagerly awaits the launch of this feature-packed update, poised to elevate the WordPress experience to new heights.


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