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  1. LikeWise
    Updated 7 months ago
    WordPress Block theme

  2. Infinite
    Updated 9 months ago
    This plugin is designed to enhance your WordPress maximum file upload size directly from your website dashboard.

  3. vendor-templates-dokan
    Updated 1 year ago

  4. techrubyat
    Updated 2 years ago

  5. Vendor-Templates-For-Dokan
    Updated 2 years ago

  6. StopWatch
    Java Updated 4 years ago
    Stop Watch App
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  7. rubyatfifa
    Java Updated 4 years ago
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  8. Medicine-Reminder-app-
    Java 2 2 18 Updated 6 years ago
    Peoples take a lot of medicines. Few medicine are before meal, some are after meals. Few have to take in morning, other have to take in night. Sometimes we forget to take medicine in time. It happens more when we travels a lot or when prescriptions change or any other reasons. Sometimes we forget to purchase new medicine when it near to finish. Due to that we face trouble in taking medicine regularly and continuously. If we develop a simple mobile app and upload our current medicine data with applicable time table to take in that will reminding us every day during morning, day, evening or night. If we put the quantity of medicine each time after purchase, then it may remind when it is going to finish. We may install it in our mobile/laptop it sounds every time to remind us.
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  9. Medicine-Reminder-Android-app-
    Updated 6 years ago

  10. Currency-Converter-app
    Updated 6 years ago

  11. Android-TabLaout-dubai-Tour-duide-
    CSS Updated 6 years ago
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  12. StudentCare
    PHP Updated 6 years ago
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  13. tutionology
    HTML Updated 6 years ago
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